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Here's almost 4 aerial minutes of Elman Deering's favorite place. The family farm in Granger, Iowa. This beautiful place has been owned by the same family for over 100 years. I first started visitng  there as a child and everytime I visit it's a time warp. I have very fond memories there.  My grandfather Elman gave me my first driving lesson in a classic Rambler with 3 on the tree. My father taught me how to ride and start a mini bike by riding it down the hill really fast! Of course I had my first tractor ride on the farm, and my first bat encounter in the barn! Staying in the 100 year old farmhouse for a week really lets you know how life was lived in the good old days. My last visit there on was on May 14th to pay respects to my Grandfather who recently passed away. If it wasn't for him  I wouldn't be able to make this video. I hope you enjoy it!  

Video location

Family Farm Granger , IA
United States
41° 45' 39.9528" N, 93° 49' 27.8112" W
Iowa US

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