Cleveland Roxxx

Project Tasks

A couple of guys put together a podcast on local bands from the city that rocks! (Cleveland rocks just in case you're wondering). I was challenged to produce a website with an RSS audio feed that simultaneously syncs its podcasts to itunes. Of course it had to work with android, iphone, and windows devices so it does. Therefore I give you Cleveland Roxxx! 

Project Description

   Cleveland Roxxx is a music podcast the All is Harvest boys are hosting. It is a haphazard show spotlighting various bands around the Cleveland, Ohio area. Each episode aims to contain an in-depth interview, and a 30 minutes of live music. We dive deep into each band and learn what influences and shapes their unique sound. Every creative mind is different. This is a great way for you to discover new talent here! We also highlight some touring musicians and bands on the show. Every episode can be streamed or downloaded on our website. You can also find us on google play and itunes.

  • Skills:

    •  website development
    •  podcast
    •  itunes
  • Client:

    Cleveland Roxxx

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