All is Harvest

Project Tasks

So I work with these two guys who are musicians. They happen to be pretty good! They've entrusted me to handle their website entirely. So check out my work and their music!

On their website we've developed and incorporated many different elements, webforms, and content types. We're displaying songs and music albums, podcasts, blogs and photo albums. We're generating so many contacts that I had to build a webform that handles requests then filters and files them all. Listen to some of their work and feel free to write a comment or two!

Project Description

     All is Harvest is a rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. Formed in 2009 the band was originally an acoustic/folk project consisting of Drew Paramore, Chris Tate, and Mike Lowery. All three members mainly played the guitar, but would also occasionally play other instruments including the banjo, mandolin, reed organ, xylophone and a few others. 
     Being heavily influenced by the sounds of the 60's and 70's, the group knew they wanted to experiment with more rock and roll sounds and shift away from the acoustic music they had been playing. In 2015, after trying various arrangements and new musicians to play with, the band eventually brought on Coutlyn Lubecky to play drums, and Drew moved to bass guitar.
     All is harvest released their first studio album, entitled Journey Llama in the summer of 2014. And a Second EP entitled Wet Jams one year later.
  • Skills:

    •  website development
    •  podcast
    •  itunes
  • Client:

    All is Harvest

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