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I can pimp your ride! 

The automotive enthusiast in me started early for me. At least my mom thinks so! She says when I was a toddler, I would stare at my grandfathers wheels for no reason. She probably thought it was weird. I think it was foreshadowing!

I first started working in the aftermarket auto industry in the early '90s. I didn't have the coolest of cars. So I had to make mine cooler! I started hanging out at the local car stereo store called Hi-way Sound, and asked a bazillion questions. Those guys probably thought I was annoying. One day they realized they couldn't get rid of me, and put me to work! So I started at the bottom doing the dirty work. Detailing, sanding, changing tires, and other jobs no one wanted to do. I then went from installation to sales. It was a much cleaner position and it was nice dealing with customers. Since I knew what it took to install, I could efficiently price labor and make a profitable sale. Then in the late '90s my family invested in our own franchise. I managed the Horizon Audio of Wooster. If you saw the movie The Fast and the Furious, the shop called "The Racers Edge", resembled our shop.

Project Description

Unfortunately since it was so long ago, I don't have any beautiful images to share. Nor do I have any online links to provide. I did find a few from a local newspaper bit on us. 

The Horizon Audio of Wooster provided aftermarket auto accessories. We carried top car audio name brands like Alpine, Kicker, Memphis, US Amps, Digital Designs, JL Audio, and more. We Installed performance parts, Nos, air ride, lift kits, and off road accents. We held yearly national db drag racing events and car shows at the Wooster, Oh fair grounds. Times changed, a tornado wiped out Rubbermaid, Walmart opened, then Best Buy came. We had to close our doors. 

Horizon Audio of Wooster
3481 Cleveland rd
Wooster, Ohio 

  • Skills:

    •  Sales
    •  Installation
    •  Manager
    •  Electrical Wiring
    •  Composite
  • Client:

    Horizon Audio of Wooster

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