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Aerospace R&D Technician

For 8 years I had the pleasure of working for Kelly Aerospace.. Also known as KATS. In 2003 I started my journey with them. For every year I worked there I gained 2 years of experience and knowledge. I had the privilege of working with top notch people on state of the art projects. Our primary objective was to remove ice with electricity from airfoils. This technology not only works for airplane surfaces. But it also works on wind turbines too! My tasks were to take the engineers bright ideas, and bring them to life. My previous auto industry experience made me perfect for the job.  A typical work week would go something like this.

  • Monday - Make mold of airfoil so engineers can scan and analyze it.
  • Tuesday - Make new composite structure with patented heating element.
  • Wednesday- Retrofit composite airfoil to aircraft or test fixture. 
  • Thursday - Wire airfoil to aircraft and attach data acquisition system. (followed FAA rules)
  • Friday - Test and collect as much data as possible in known icing conditions. (required crazy pilot Jon Kosir)

After a few weeks of that we would have a working product. Most of the time anyway! After a bunch of PMA, FAA, and STC paperwork comes the time study and setup production procedures. I had a few sleepless nights during all this. So it was very nice of them to frequently send me on overseas vacations! Actually I would travel to train foreign aerospace service centers the process we just figured out. The foreigners were so nice it was almost like a vacation though. 

Project Description

Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems or KATS is an aviation design and development company dedicated to the integration of aircraft systems for general aviation and commuter aircraft. Supported by the NASA SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) program Kelly Aerospace has created the most innovative products in airplane environmental systems.

In 1998 NASA Glenn initiated the research and development of the Thermawing ice protection system, capable of meeting all aspects of ice protection for the general aviation fleet. Product integration and certification of high output alternators, DC powered air conditioning, and thermoelectric de-icing are all derivatives of the NASA program. Kelly Aerospace continues to develop STC's and PMA'd products for the GA fleet from their new facility at Lost Nation Airport (KLNN) in Willoughby Ohio.

  • Skills:

    •  Composite
    •  Electrical Wiring
    •  Aerospace
    •  R&D
  • Client:

    Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems

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