Advanced Controls Inc.

Project Tasks

At ACI we build incredibly HUGE electrical and network systems for various companies. These systems can control your entire city water department, or waste management facility.  They can be the network infrastructure for a chain of factories across the globe. Or they can control the stop light that took forever to change. Only we didn't build that one.  We don't work for just one company. We are service providers. This means I always have to be on my toes, and shift gears in my brain daily. Some panels I work on are 480 volts AC, where others are 48 volts DC. There's a big difference there and I'm not just talking about voltage values. Some of these cabinets I build can take over a month to wire. I actually prefer those over the 50 minute jobs. I'm a lead technician so I'm always hopping from project to project and assisting others. So next time you see a factory blowing off steam, or sit at a traffic light too long you will think of me! 

Project Description

Advanced Controls Inc. or ACI is housed in a single, 43,000 square ft. facility specifically designed for efficient and high quality manufacturing.  Our facility is heated and air-conditioned, with upgraded, high-output lighting for improved manufacturing capabilities.

To best meet the needs of our team and our partners, we’ve designed our facility into three functional areas:
  • Manufacturing
  • Administrative
  • Dedicated Customer Work-Space
  • Skills:

    •  Electrical Wiring
    •  Mechanical Assembly
    •  Floor Team Leader
  • Client:

    Advanced Controls Inc.

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