Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions that I usually get asked.

My drone is made by DJI and it is called the Inspire 1. It takes 4k video and streams live HD video. 

I do record drone video and take aerial pictures anywhere I legally can! Some places require authorization which may be just a phone call. Or sometimes filing paperwork ahead of time is required. If you're in the North East Ohio area and would like me to visit you with my drone you can contact me here. If you're not in Ohio try reading my article on "Where to get Drone Videos"

This site wasn't intended to be a commerce site. More of a networking or blog type site. So I choose to register as a .net instead of a .com

My last name has 12 letters in it and I can barely pronounce it. It's a pain when you need to give it out for pizza, or waiting on a dinner table. One day I just said to use "Gsomething" and it stuck!!

Legally in the US drones can only fly to 400ft AGL (above ground level). My drone is able to fly much MUCH higher though.

I am an open source guru. Open source means there's an online community of members sharing and contributing to development code. I then use a CMS (content management system) called Drupal to manage this code. The best thing about it is that it's free! Putting in the time to make it work is the key!!!