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     So maybe you've read my article "Should I buy a drone?" and realized you shouldn't. But you still need aerial photography. So how do you find a drone photographer is probably the question bringing you here. Well look no further! I can answer all your questions right here!!! I have been a radio controlled hobbyist for decades. I spend countless hours researching drone technology and regulations. If you are aware of how fast cell phone technology is advancing, then you probably know that drone technology is moving twice as fast! So some things I'm about to tell you might be surprising or not. But here's some items you should know before hiring someone to fly a drone. 

     Drone's can't fly everywhere! There are rules and regulations in place in just about every country limiting drones. Be sure you hire someone who knows, understands, and follows the rules. So how can you be sure to find one that knows? Ask them questions or quiz them! Ask if they have a Remote Pilot in Command Certification,or a 333 exemption. Ask them how high they are allowed to fly and they should say to 400 ft in the U.S.. Ask them if they can fly over National Parks and they will say No! Those are just a few examples. The full FAA documentation can be found here. Once you've chosen someone, pay attention to their equipment or gear. A professional will be monitoring air traffic control on a handheld radio. Please don't hire some local photographer that bought a drone because they think it's cool. A professional will also be flying a professional drone and not some toy like this one!

 dji phantom drone toy 

     Now that you can expertly pick a drone pilot you need to pick the quality of media you need. You mean there's differences in quality? Yes there is! I don't record in anything less then 4k quality video at 24 frames per second. Look for my upcoming article on "What's 4k video?" to come out soon. But in short 4k video is top notch! But lenses and image sensors have a HUGE impact on the final output. Some drones like my Inspire 1 don't have the ability to optically zoom in and change focus. It's no big deal because I just fly closer right? Yes and no. I could make some incredible shots being able to change focus on two different objects while cruising along. But that would be a ten thousand dollar cinematic shot and that's not the shot everyone needs. Therefore I'm the more affordable choice. Anything 4k is great for local businesses, websites, and social media. For that TV commercial or movie your making I hope you have a hefty wallet in your pocket. Drone's with 4 propellers or quadcopters won't cut it. Cinematic drone's are usually hexacopters or octocopters. They have 6 or 8 propellers which gives more lifting power. This also provides more stability and a much safer flight characteristic. They also look pretty freakin cool! 

 6 bladed hexacopter picture 

     Ok we can now pick a good pilot with the camera system we need. But I haven't told you how to actually find a drone pilot. Well alright I won't keep you waiting anymore. You've found me! You can request me to fly for you using this flight request form here. I can provide Northeast Ohio with 4k drone video or aerial photography. I appreciate you taking your time to read this article. In fact if you mention it in your request I'll give you a bonus!!! But you don't have to hire me. There's other smart and talented people besides me.  A good place to start looking for someone else is the FAA UAS exemption holder list. If they are on that site, the FAA says they are ok! There are a few drone pilot search engines on the rise as well. Check out google for some of those.

Request me here   Fly for me!

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