What is a drone?

         Ok so a major topic on the news today still seems to be these fantastic drones. You know I love mine. But media and merchandising is playing with our heads! The word "drone" has become such a big buzzword. Companies feel by adding the word to their products you will want to buy it. Take for example this company called Dromida. No where on their site can you actually buy a true "drone". If you clicked on that link you are probably calling me crazy right now because there's three toys with the word drone in their description. I guess to understand better we should all be on the same page as to what a drone really is. 

Wikipedia says 

drone is a male bee that is the product of an unfertilized egg. Unlike the female worker bee, drones do not have stingers and do not participate in nectar and pollen gathering. A drone's primary role is to mate with a fertile queen.

But that's not the proper context lol! In this situation Wikipedia says 

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone, as an unmanned aircraft system (UAS), or byseveral other names, is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. The flight of UAVs may operate with various degrees of autonomy: either under remote control by a human operator, or fully or intermittently autonomously, by onboard computers.

The key word in this description is "autonomy". A drone has automatic flying features controlled by you or onboard computer. It does not mean you moving a remote control stick makes it a drone. It means you remotely point on a map to "fly here" and it flys itself there. Or you remotely configure it to fly home at 20% power and it automatically flies home then. The drone has to fly automatically if it's to be called a drone. 

So now that I've explained that to you, do you think the items in this link are a drone? Put your answers in the comments below!

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