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 So it's been almost a year since I purchased my Inspire 1 drone. I think it's about time I posted a review of it. Don't you? Well overall I could not be happier with the Inspire 1. Like anything in this world it does have it's pro's and con's. But the pro's for the Inspire 1 are very impressive!


From day one to year one it has tremendous wow factor just taking it out of the box. When I first take off and do my system controls check everyone is in awe. They know this isn't some toy. The retracting landing gear looks cool retracting and gives the camera unobstructed 360 view.In my opinion it's the sexiest drone on the market today. I also think the media feels the same because I always see it being displayed in news articles along with the phantom series.


4k video is becoming a minimum resolution anymore and the basic Inspire 1 camera barely makes the cut. In this price range the regular x3 camera doing 4k video at 24fps is borderline professional. You can opt for the more expensive camera in the Inspire 1 pro version. But if you are going to shell out that much cash you should just by a hexacopter platform then for a cinematic camera. A few of my spectators get the pleasure of viewing the live camera feed on a big screen tv as I fly. This is an awesome feature. The con to this is it's only in 720p. If you require higher resolution the newer version now does 1080p. 


The range on this drone is mind blowing! I always keep my drone within eyesight and thats crazy far! But you can view other videos online of people going 3 miles and more. 

Flight Duration

I get an average of 18 minute flight times. Currently this isn't bad at all considering we're running 4 props and streaming live camera feed on a large platform. The phantoms may be able to say up a tiny bit longer but don't perform as well. The newer Matrice 600 which can stay flying for almost an hour has 6 batteries though. So I'm still pleased with my average 18!

Flight Characteristics 

First of all this isn't an FPV drone racer. It's not meant to be nimble or agile. It's designed to be efficient and stable. Which it is under 30mph winds. Anything above 30mph wind and you are guaranteed to see a landing gear in your shot. You will also have largely reduced flight times. But you will still be able to control your drone. The phantom I flew couldn't handle high winds.


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